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Flair bartenders are not just performers; they are also highly skilled mixologists.

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Flair bartending is a unique style of bartending that involves the use of entertaining and acrobatic techniques while preparing and serving drinks. Flair bartenders are not only masters of mixology but also performers who showcase their skills through juggling, bottle flipping, and creative drink presentations.

When you hire flair bartenders at your event, you can expect an engaging and interactive atmosphere Their goal is to engage and entertain guests while providing exceptional bar service. They share stories about the drinks they're creating, and can even involve the audience in some of their tricks. This level of engagement creates a vibrant and social environment that keeps guests entertained and connected.

Hire Flair Bartenders for an Unforgettable Party Experience.

House Parties

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At Flairtenders UK you will find dedicated flair bartenders with years of experience shaking cocktails and flairing bottles for some of the most exclusive parties at home anywhere in UK.

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Corporate Events

Flair Show

Ask anyone about the most important aspect of cocktail-making, they will likely put taste and aesthetic at the top of the list. At Flairtenders we mix the best drinks with amazing style and panache!

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Wedding Parties

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Whether it’s a small private wedding at home or a large reception, our premium mobile bartending services combined with amazing flair show will be the best choice for your drinks reception.

Themed bars
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Party Packages

The "Full Package", all inclusive party packages available for hire!

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Corporate Events, Trade Shows & Expositions

Flair Bartenders are both a cocktail bartending service and entertainment packed into one.
They are the perfect addition to your Corporate Event. Get quotes to hire Flair Bartenders at Trade Shows and Expositions and book securely online!

One of the primary benefits of hiring flair bartenders is the captivating entertainment they provide. Their impressive displays of bottle flipping, juggling, and intricate moves behind the bar will attract potential customers at your stand and create a lively atmosphere that sets your event apart. We come equipped with all of the cocktail making equipment required, some of our packages even include portable bars. The combination of their mixology skills and showmanship creates an unforgettable spectacle. It adds an element of excitement and surprise, making your effort truly stand out.

Flair bartenders always attract the crowd to any Event or Expo!

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More than just flair bartenders, we are dedicated mixologists!

Absolutely yes, in fact flair bartenders will be the cherry on the cake at any party or event no matter how big or small.
The bartender will bring the cocktail making tools (shakers, flair bottles, bar spoon, strainers and jiggers). You will need to provide the glassware, ingredients, the ice and a table for the drinks.
We offer more than bartending services or drinks packages. Flairtenders UK has fully customisable all inclusive drinks packages available for private hire meaning we will work with you from booking stage to delivery stage to ensure everything will be done just the way you asked!
The procedure of hiring a flair bartender is a straight forward one, a deposit will be charged at booking stage and the balance due will be charged in full on the day of the event. Easy as that!

Flairtenders UK

Operating in the mobile cocktail bar industry since 2007, we understand the meaning of a professional service. We believe that flair bartending is not just flairing and mixing drinks but also the customer care given.