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Flairtenders brings the finest craft cocktails and bar hospitality to events all over UK. Our complete cocktail service includes a staff of experienced cocktail bartenders, menu planning with signature cocktails, top quality ingredients and everything else needed for the bar from start to finish.

Flairtenders caters all types of events, from intimate in-home house parties to large weddings and corporate events!

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Private Parties

Flairtenders specializes in providing craft cocktails for private parties at home. Using the best ingredients, on request we can create unique menus of signature drinks served by top cocktail bartenders.

Flairtenders will handle all staffing, rentals and logistics so your house party experience is hassle free.

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Corporate Events

Parties at the office, award ceremonies, product launches, conferences and trade shows - we have the perfect package for any occasion.

Hire a cocktail bar with Flairtenders, we are here to ensure that your day, and your drink, are fit to be remembered.

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